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Functionality on PC and Laptop

With the CapCut for Windows 11, experience enhanced video editing features that make creating professional-looking content a breeze. The Windows 11 version of the app has an intuitive interface, allowing users to efficiently edit videos with various tools like cropping, trimming, applying filters, and adding text or stickers.


The CapCut download for Windows 11 is compatible with the latest Windows release, ensuring a seamless experience for users upgrading to this new operating system. Additional support for tablets, touchscreens, and other peripherals is also available, making it an adaptable solution for all types of PC and laptop setups.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install and Launch CapCut on Windows 11

Installation Process

Follow these simple steps to install CapCut on Windows 11 and Windows 10:

  • First, visit our fan website or an approved third-party platform to download the installation file.
  • Once downloaded, open the installer and accept the license agreement.
  • Select the desired installation location and click "install."
  • Wait for the installation process to complete, and then click "finish."

Launching the App

After installing the CapCut app for Windows 11, simply navigate to your Start menu, locate the CapCut tile, and click on it to launch the application. If you prefer, you can also search for the app using Windows Search and begin editing your videos in no time.

System Requirements for CapCut

Parameter Requirement
Operating System Windows 11 (64-bit)
Processor Intel or AMD, 1 GHz or faster
Memory 2 GB RAM
Graphics DirectX 11 compatible GPU
Hard Drive Space 500 MB available space

Make sure your system meets the above requirements before attempting to download CapCut for Windows 11. This will ensure a smooth and efficient experience when using the application on your PC or laptop. CapCut is an intuitive and easy-to-use video editing tool that allows users to quickly create stunning videos. With CapCut, users can easily trim and combine video clips, add music and sound effects, add text and titles, and more.

With the Windows 11 CapCut application, create stunning videos with ease, enjoying the improved compatibility and features available in this latest version. Developed by Tencent, the application is available for free on the Microsoft Store and has quickly become one of the most popular video editing apps on the market. With CapCut, users can easily create stunning videos with advanced features such as trimming, cutting, and merging clips from any source. Furthermore, be sure to CapCut download for Windows 11 for free from a trusted source to start your video editing journey.

Download CapCut for Windows PC

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